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Humanistic Funeral

The humanist view rejects the idea of an afterlife and interprets death as the end to an
individual’s consciousness. They believe that human beings are simply another part of
nature - and that death is nature’s way of cleansing. Through death, we clear the way for
new life. Humanists believe that an individual’s happiness and experiences are engraved
into history. The deceased will live through the memories and experiences that his loved
ones hold in their hearts.

The humanist funeral serves as closure for friends and family. It helps conclude the
relationships that existed between the deceased and his loved ones. And, expressing
emotions allows loved ones to come to terms with their painful feelings. The humanist
funeral service can be held before internment or cremation, or as a memorial service
after the body has been laid to rest.

Celebration of Life

Celebration of life services are either intimate with close family and friends or larger and
include business colleagues and extended family members. The size depends on budget,
as well as the personality and lifestyle of the deceased person. Holding a celebration of
life service allows family and friends to honor their loved one who has died, but in a more
personal and non- traditional approach. Instead of mourning the individual's death,
guests celebrate the joy he or she brought into everyday living.

Green Funerals / Flameless Cremation

Joseph McPhee Funeral Directors has an  option for the environmentally conscious.
Having a Eco-Friendly funeral helps to minimize the environmental impact compared to
other end-of-life practices.

Those with concerns about the effects on the environment of traditional burial or cremation may
choose to be buried in a fashion more suited to their beliefs. They may choose to be buried in an
all natural bio-degradable green burial shroud, sometimes a simple coffin made of cardboard or
other easily biodegradable material. Further, they may choose their final resting place to be in a
park or woodland, known as an eco-cemetery, and may have a tree planted over their grave as a
contribution to the environment and a remembrance.


Green Embalming

Green embalming is available with  more environmentally friendly, non- toxic chemicals. They
are made with essential plant-based oils and contain no formaldehyde. Natural, plant-based
embalming fluids are derived from glycerol and allow the body to be preserved for three to seven

Home Funerals

Joseph McPhee Funeral Directors strive to meet the needs of you and your family. We are
sensitzed to the value and comfort of an in-home event. Visitation services can take place either
at home or funeral home or alternative facility. We are able to support the family in all service
aspects including the removal of the remains,preperation,equipment,staffing,clergy
coordination,laying the deceased, and procession from the home. Due to the varing logisitics
involved,it is highly suggested that pre-planing is in place prior to need.


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