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Military Funerals

Joseph McPhee Funeral Directors realize the dedication and sacrifices that all men and
women give our country to protect our freedoms. Military veterans and their dependents
are entitled to a variety of benefits depending on their circumstances. As a service to
each family who has lost a loved one that served in the military, Joseph McPhee
Funeral Directors will help provide the veteran benefits to the family. We will ensure the
veteran will receive his or her entitled benefits: US flag, VA marker, Military/VFW
honor ceremony.


Forwarding of Remains to Another Funeral Home

This process involves the transfer of remains from any funeral home within a 30 mile
radius. Included are basic services of funeral home staff as well as embalming and
refrigeration of body. A shipping container or air tray will be provided per carrier

Our charges include basic services of director and staff, a proportionate share of
overhead costs, removal of remains, embalming, transportation to airport, train
station and shipping container.

Receiving Remains from another Funeral Home

This charge includes picking up remains within 30 miles of funeral home. Included
are basic services of staff as well as transportation of remains to the cemetery. Not
included are rites, ceremonies, or visitation before the body is forwarded.

Our charges include basic services of director and staff, a proportionate share of
overhead costs, care of remains if needed, transportation of remains to funeral home
and to cemetery or crematory.

Graveside Service

This includes coordination of the graveside funeral arrangement, graveside supervision
by funeral director, and all staff and equipment required to carry out the service.
Embalming is optional in preparation of the body.

Optional Service and Facility Fees

Visitation will include a set of visitation hours, encased remains placement, chapel use,
visitation attendance and supervision, and parking lot assistance. Prices vary depending
on number of hours/days of the visitation and facility used. Private family viewings

Scientific Study and Anatomical Donation

Anatomical donation charges include the removal and transportation of remains to a
scientific study facility, essential services of funeral director and staff, and acquisition of
required authorizations. Not included are the use of staff and facilities for any public or
private ceremony or visitation.

Additional Body Preparation

Below are further options in preparing the body for an additional fee:
-Identification before direct disposition
-Disinfection and cleaning of remains without embalming
-Restorative reconstruction if necessary (per hour)
-Cosmetologist, dressing, and casketing
-Specialized care for remains of the autopsy
-Mortuary Beautician

Supplementary Merchandise

-Cross or Crucifix
-Memorial Cards
-Register Book
-Thank You cards
-Electronic Registry

Casket Rentals

Families are increasingly requesting to rent a casket. To facilitate this request Joseph
McPhee Funeral Directors offers two caskets designed to allow for this service. Each
rental casket is a specially crafted unit that accommodates an inner simple container to
hold the remains. The casket itself acts as a "shell" around this container making it
suitable for public visitation and viewing.

After the funeral service, the funeral director removes the inner container from the
outer casket shell. The inner container holding the remains is then transported to the
place of final disposition, usually a crematorium.

A new upholstered insert is placed in the outer shell and it is then reused. Eventually the
casket shell becomes worn to the point where it is replaced with a new shell and the old
one destroyed. The reusable nature of these caskets are appreciated by families with
environmental and cost concerns.

GOING HOME! Shipping Remains United States / International

No matter where the death occurs we can coordinate and arrange all of your death care
needs. Whether the death takes place locally, in another state or in another country. We
can handle all the necessary arrangements to have a loved one returned to their
homeland to be buried with other members of their family.

Shipping Remains to a Foreign Country for example, Ireland, Mexico, Poland
 Because many people choose to be returned to their native land upon their death,
foreign shipping is rapidly becoming a common occurrence for funeral homes. Most
countries have certain requirements to meet in order for the return of human
remains to be permitted. These include some or all of the following: certified copies
of the death certificate, a notarized embalmer's or funeral director's affidavit, a
health department certification, and special casket requirements. Family members
often express the desire to accompany their deceased loved one on the same flight.

Joseph McPhee Funeral Directors can ensure that all arrangements are made to
secure safe passage of your loved one to almost any destination around the world.

For shipping human remains outside of the U.S., it is under the ruling of the
consulate of the receiving country. Different requirements apply for each individual
country. The price we give you will reflect all necessary charges and merchandise to
fulfill all requirements for shipment to the desired destination. The only additional
charges will be airline fees that vary from destination to destination. You will only be
charged exactly what the airlines charge. If you or your family have any other
questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our service charge is $3975. This charge does not include any family visitation or service.



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