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locations available for your local family needs.

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Joseph McPhee Funeral Directors has served families of all cultures, beliefs
and backgrounds with dignity and compassion for the past 85 years. We will
guide you through unfamiliar territory, make suggestions and help you create
a send-off that will be both worthy of that person and also of immeasurable
emotional value to you. Of all the services a funeral director offers, this is far
and away the highest value.

Joseph McPhee Funeral Directors was founded on the belief that the funeral
belongs to the client, not the funeral director. There is a better way to deal
with death than the trappings of the corporate funeral industry. We offer a
return to traditional values, beliefs, and cultural practices that are often
compromised when a funeral costs too much. The growing trend toward
personalized last rites and celebrations of life are really just a return to the
ways our ancestors faced the realities of death. Coming from a funeral
background where funeral directors knew the families they served, Joseph
McPhee is accustomed to a high standard where the needs of families come first.

We provide the quality of service that every family deserves without the
demand for profit that governs the corporate funeral world. We are forward
thinking with the awareness of burial customs of all faiths and cultures,
current trends, and client expectations, being flexible and working
collaboratively with all families.

Joseph McPhee was born and raised above Joseph McPhee Funeral Home,
formerly at 7133 South Western Avenue in Chicago. He graduated from St.
Rita High School and from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s
Degree in Education. Since graduating from Worsham School of Mortuary
Science, he has been involved in more than 3500 funerals and cremations
throughout his career, serving families of all faiths and cultures. He has also
been a facilitator for anatomical gifts and organ donations. His business is
now to provide families in Chicago and the surrounding counties with a
variety of funeral and cremation options including Green Funerals. All
services are provided at an affordable price and with all due respect and
dignity. Funeral arrangements can be made at a home or a location of your


The prime mission of Joseph McPhee Funeral Directors is to provide to
everyone who calls upon us for assistance, the highest possible standard of
funeral service care for a reasonable cost in a supportive and caring
environment which best utilizes all of our available resources.

To offer service with dignity and respect, delivered without distinction of
social, cultural or economic background. Our Covenant with You

We pledge to treat your loved ones as we would want our loved ones to be


Lord, give me the patience to serve everyone as my own; the wisdom to understand
others feelings; the knowledge to learn as well as to instruct; the kindness to treat
everyone equally at all times; the strength to endure long hours and hard work; the
desire to serve others as I would my own family; the humility to accept words of
thanks and praise; the Compassion to touch another's soul; the pride and the right to
smile when I have served a family well; and, Lord, most importantly the right to shed
an honest tear when my heart is touched; Lord, make me thankful that I am a
Funeral Director.


We pledge to serve all families, regardless of financial ability to pay
Death can be unexpected and paying for the funeral can be an added pressure.
We want you to feel comfortable when choosing Joseph McPhee Funeral
Directors for funeral service. Be assured that we will never turn anyone away
due to financial reasons. We take the time to work with our families and
have several payment options available.

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